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  • Overcoming Bike Commuting Challenges

    Overcoming Bike Commuting Challenges

    When you’re not used to the idea of riding to work you can have some concerns. We’ve created guide to help address many common concerns that people face when they are going from being a pleasure cyclist to a commuting cyclist. If you need further assistance or have more points to discuss, please feel free to reach out to us at We would love to help you get those wheels rolling to and from work-or anywhere else you’d like to explore!

    Bike Maintenance


    1. Locate Nearby Bike Shops or Seek Help:

    • If you’re not a DIY mechanic, find nearby bike shops where professionals can assist you with maintenance.
    • Alternatively, consider asking a friend who is knowledgeable about bikes for help.


    2. Tune-Up at a Good Bike Shop:

    • Visit a reputable bike shop nearby and get a thorough tune-up.
    • Mobile bike mechanics are also an option—they’ll bring their shop to you!


    3. Ensure Bike Reliability:

    • Before hitting the road, don’t assume your bike is ready. If it hasn’t been ridden in a while, give it a once-over.
    • Learn from my mistake: Always check your bike’s condition, especially after a period of disuse. Fortunately, I have more than one bike!


    Getting in Shape

    1. Gradual Fitness Improvement:

    • Ride at a comfortable pace. Your fitness will naturally improve over time.
    • Consistency is key—make bike commuting a regular part of your routine.


    2. Test Your Route:

    • Ride your route on a weekend to familiarize yourself with it.
    • Identify any potential challenges or adjustments needed to streamline your daily commute.


    3. Fitness Benefits of Regular Commuting:

    • Encourage yourself—biking your route will get easier with time!


    Consider Making Your Trip Shorter

    1. Combine Modes of Transportation:

    • If you have a secure place to store your bike, consider commuting one way by bike and using public transportation for the return trip.
    • In Calgary, you can take your car or the bus part of the way to your destination and then ride your bike the rest of the distance. Many buses in Calgary allow bikes to be transported on the front of the bus.


    2. Utilize C-Train Stations:

    • Calgary has 14 C-train stations with bike lockers.
    • Ride your bike to a C-train station and take transit the rest of the way.
    • Consider renting a locker for you bike at the C-train. For bike locker access there’s an annual fee of $132 for the entire year or $72 for half a year. There is an additional $30 fee to register.


    3. Carpool with a Co-Worker:

    • Ride your bike to a co-worker’s house and carpool together to work.Time Constraints


    1. Speed and Practice:

    • The average commuter travels at approximately 16 kilometers per hour.
    • Regular practice will lead to improved speed and efficiency.


    2. Short Trips Are Quicker on a Bike:

    • For trips under five kilometers, biking is often faster than other modes of transportation.


    3. Urban Trips: Beat Car Travel Times:

    • Urban trips of eight to eleven kilometers may match or even beat car travel times due to traffic congestion.


    Parking Predicament

    1. Scout for Storage Space:

    • Explore storage options within your building or office.
    • Secure bike storage areas can be a great asset for peace of mind.


    2. Indoor Bike Security:

    • Explore whether it’s an option to keep your bike indoors—whether it’s in a closet, your workspace, or a designated bike room.


    3. Advocate for Bike Parking Facilities:

    • Encourage your employer to provide bike parking facilities.
    • A bike-friendly workplace benefits everyone.


    Showering Concerns

    1. Ride at a Leisurely Pace:

    • To stay fresh upon arrival, avoid intense rides to work. Save those for your leisure rides at home.


    2. Access Gym Showers or Consider Memberships:

    • If your workplace lacks shower facilities, explore nearby gyms.
    • Some gyms offer discounted memberships specifically for shower use.


    Dressing Dilemma

    1. Keep Spare Work Attire at Your Workplace:

    • Maintain a stash of work clothes at the office. Rotate them during your driving or commuting days.


    2. Space-Saving Rolling Techniques:

    • When packing a change of clothes, try rolling them tightly. This saves space and minimizes wrinkles.


    Rainy Weather

    1. Plan Ahead:

    • Check the weather forecast before your commute. Be prepared for rain.
    • Pack rain gear or consider alternative transportation options on wet days.


    2. Equip Your Bike:

    • Install fenders on your bike to keep water from splashing onto you.
    • Wear appropriate rain gear, including waterproof jackets and pants.


    3. Alternatives on Rainy Days:

    • If biking in the rain isn’t comfortable, opt for transit, carpooling, or driving.


    Safety Measures

    1. Adhere to Traffic Rules:

    • Signal turns, obey traffic lights, and follow road signs.
    • Bright clothing enhances visibility.


    2. Helmet Consistency:

    • Treat biking like driving—always wear a helmet.
    • It reduces the risk of head injuries significantly.


    3. Illuminate Your Bike:

    • Ensure your bike has front and rear lights if you ride in the dark.


    4. Choose a Bike Friendly Route:

    • Google Maps offers a cycling setting to help plan and manage your route effectively. Consider adding a cell phone mount to your handlebars so that it’s easier to see your route.


    Running Errands

    1. Install a Rack:

    • Add a rack to your bike for carrying items. It’s practical for grocery runs or other errands.


    2. Use a Sturdy Lock:

    • When parking your bike during errands, invest in a reliable lock.
    • Protect your bike from theft.


    3. Allocate Extra Time:

    • Factor in additional time for appointments or parking when commuting by bike.
    • Arrive stress-free and prepared.


    Bike to Work Day is Now Accessible to More People

    • In 2024 we partnered with Neuron, a personal mobility company that provides e-bikes to the public. People without bikes were encouraged to join us on two wheels at Bike to Work Day; they recieved a $5 discount on their ride from Neuron during our event. Stayed tuned for more fresh ideas arriving with Bike To Work Day 2025!


    Inviting friends and coworkers to join Bike to Work Day Calgary is a fantastic idea. Here are the details for the event:

    • Event: Bike to Work Day Calgary

    • Date: Thursday May 8th, 2024 from 6 AM - 9 AM

    • Location: Delta Gardens (just south of the Peace Bridge)

    • Highlights:  

      • Complimentary breakfast to kickstart your day.

      • Free mini bike tune-ups to keep your wheels rolling smoothly.

      • Exciting prizes, including free bikes!


    Let's pedal together for a greener future!