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BTWD brings together like-minded Calgarians to promote cycling as a viable means of transportation, reduce inner-city traffic congestion, and reduce pollution in the air. Cycling is a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and can be very cost effective – not to mention how much time is saved by not sitting in traffic. BTWD promotes a sense of community. With the effects of climate change weighing on our shoulders, biking to work is a simple way to reduce carbon emissions and our environmental impact.

Our event features Energy Pit Stops throughout downtown supported by Calgary’s bicycle retailers with swag and free bicycle tune ups, a free pancake breakfast, prizes, and numerous vendors down at the hub of BTWD at Delta Gardens. Our hope is that by having our event early in the season that participants will enjoy the experience and it will inspire them to continue to ride their bicycles all year long. In order to inspire more participants, Lonny Balbi pledges to donate $1 for every participant to charity.



The Two Wheel View team accepts a cheque for Lonny's 2023 donation amount.

Breakfast is on us!


Stampede Caravan is providing our pancake breakfast this year!





Our 2024 Bike to Work Day!


A grand total of 2920 cyclists participated in Bike to Work Day 2024!


Lonny Balbi, Founder of BTWD Calgary, with Two Wheel View, Lonny will present a

cheque for the amount of $2,920 for our 2024 donation.


$1 will be donated to a local Calgary charity

for EVERY CYCLIST who participates in Bike to Work Day.

Thursday, May 8th, 2025

How it works:

Thank you to those who participated in Bike to Work Day 2024 and we look forward to seeing you in 2025!