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  • 3 Cycling Clubs in Calgary

    With the warmer weather coming, it is a great time to start a new outdoor activity. We obviously recommend cycling! Cycling can seem like a daunting activity to get into, plus who wants to ride alone. Lucky for you Calgary has many cycling clubs that can help you find your niche, and give you a group to ride with. Below are 3 cycling clubs in Calgary that can help you find your footing when it comes to cycling.

    Bow Cyclist Club

    Founded in 2013, Bow Cyclist Club has grown to a 250 member club with the focus of keeping the fun in cycling. Their team of ride leaders are passionate about cycling and able to accommodate many different levels of riders.

    BiciSport Cycling Club

    BiciSport was originally founded by a small group of cycling enthusiasts known as the Spokes Racing Team in 1988. In 1992, the name was changed to “BiciSport Calgary Cycling Club”. They are dedicated to promoting both a healthy lifestyle, and to supporting and promoting all levels of bicycle racing. They are a great place for junior athletes, and at the same time are keen to help all of their members reach their full potential.

    Calgary Cycling Club

    Calgary Cycling Club aims to grow the cycling community in Calgary focusing on inclusivity and connection. If you like long road rides, downhill, track, or commuting within the city this is the right group for you. They will be having all types of rides all summer long. The purpose of the group is to promote and expand the use of bicycles within and outside the city.

  • 5 Awesome Bike Trails around Calgary

    Calgary has a great reputation for its bike paths and trails around the city, in this blog we will be discussing 5 fun trails in Calgary that you definitely need to try out!

    Rotary Mattamy Greenway Bike Trail

    The Rotary/Mattamy Greenway Trail is a 145 km long pathway system that loops around the entire city. This trail connects almost 1000 km of existing pathways as well as natural areas, parks, and greenspaces.

    This bike trail is a fun way to explore most of Calgary via bike! Check out Parks Foundation’s page on the Trail and how to best navigate it.

    Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail

    The Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail is a 15.3 km biking and hiking loop that is good for all levels of cyclists and even pets! This trail has beautiful views of the reservoir and a nice mix of flat sections and mild inclines.

    This trail is very popular and the best times to go to avoid the crowds are first thing in the morning or after dinner.

    Fish Creek Park Bike Trails

    The Fish Creek Park Bike Trails are a great way to explore South Calgary, Fish Creek’s main Cycling artery stretches 20km in length. These Trails have a scenic woodland surrounding and have access to fire pits and picnic tables if you needed a rest stop.

    Due to its woodland nature cyclists are asked to be aware of the wildlife we share the park with.

    Edworthy Park to Fort Calgary Bike Trail

    The Edworthy Park to Fort Calgary Bike Trail is a family friendly 9.3 km long ride that begins at Edworthy Street and ends at a pedestrian bridge at Fort Calgary on the Bow River’s South Bank.

    This is an easy ride that is open year round. Parking for this trail is available at both Fort Calgary and Edworthy Park.

    Bowness Park Bike Trails

    The Bowness Baker Park Loop is 4.3 km long and suitable for all levels of cyclists. The Trail features a river, and dogs are able to use this trail as long as they are kept on a leash.

    This is a quick ride, especially great if you plan on taking the family along with you!

    Calgary has so many great biking spots it was hard to choose just 5. We hope you are able to check out some of these spots.

    Happy Cycling!



  • Charity Gets Donation

    Now that Bike to Work Day 2021 is officially over, we are happy to announce the cyclist count for this year!

    We tallied up the cyclist count from the 8 Energy Stations and it added up to a grand total of 1730 cyclists! That means, Bike to Work Day founder, Lonny Balbi, happily donated $1730 to Two Wheel View. Here he is with some of the TWV team (Hank and Pat) handing over the cheque.

    Thank you to all of you who participated, from those who came out just for a quick ride to go back home and work, to the everyday commuters, and everyone else who joined us for the love of cycling.

    Two Wheel View, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary, is an incredible local charity that provides programs that use the bicycle as a vehicle for change in the lives of youth. The organization was started by Rick and Tanya McFerrin who brought their experiences and perspectives from cycling around the world here to offer young people the opportunity to learn leadership, health and wellness, self-esteem, achievement, and environmental stewardship.

    Two Wheel View will take bike donations and even has some for sale!

    We are looking forward to seeing you all again on May 6, 2022 at next year’s Bike to Work Day!

  • Best Cycling Podcasts

    If you’re like us and love to listen to podcasts about anything and everything (including cycling) - then you’ll want to hear some of our suggestions.  Podcasts have become a 21st century phenomenon that let anyone talk about anything they want and reach a very large audience of like-minded people. Cycling is no exception. There are tons on all things cycling that are sure to pique your interest.   

    We’ve compiled a list of the best podcasts on cycling for those who are interested in learning more about biking in general, bikes and gear, trips and routes, and everything in between.

    Hear cycling stories from all across the country and around the world right from the pros. You can also learn about bikes and gear, as well as training tips.

    CyclingTips offers the best advice, tips, and tricks, while sharing the beauty of cycling aiming to inspire all audiences.

    This incredible podcast hosted by Velo Magazine aims to bring you news about cycling, race results and reviews on the best bikes for all cycling enthusiasts.

    Brother UK offers an amazing source for everything on women’s cycling.  Meet some great riders in exclusive interviews or listen to some race reactions and analyses.

    If you’re looking for something that will make you laugh, look no further. The Slow Ride Podcast offers sarcastic and funny remarks on the world of cycling and spends a lot of time on cyclocross content for fans of the muddy sport.

    These podcasts are available on most podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor and more. Listen in a café, on your way to work, or with your friends!

    If you're also a book lover, check out our recommendations for books about cycling here

    Happy listening!

  • Best Books About Cycling

    Whether you’re an avid cycler, or just starting out, there are plenty of great stories, people, and ideas written in books that are sure to change the way you think of cycling. To many people, riding your bike is just an activity, or a method of transportation – but to others, it is a lifestyle or an adventure.

    We’ve compiled some of the best books all about cycling – where to do it, how to train, incredible human feats, the history of the sport, and more.  Reading these will surely teach you, surprise you, and even inspire you to ride further.

    1. The Man Who Cycled the World by Mark Beaumont

    This is the story of how Mark Beaumont set the Guinness World Record of cycling the 18,000 miles around the world in 194 days and 17 hours.He tells stories of how he managed to beat the previous record while sharing some stories of his youth, and riding across Italy for charity.

    2. Where There’s a Will: Hope, Grief and Endurance in a Cycle Race Across a Continent by Emily Chappell

    This book shares the harrowing story of Emily Chappell, who pushed herself to the limits in trying to cycle across Europe unassisted.  She takes you through her journey of climbing and overcoming mountains, both literally and figuratively. 

    3. Epic Bike Rides of the World by Lonely Planet

    For those who are world travellers and adventurers, this book might inspire your next cycling trip. Lonely Planet offers 200 of the most amazing and scenic bike routes the world has to offer.

    4. The Official History of the Tour de France by Serge Laget

    If you’re a fan of the Tour de France or races in general, this insightful book gives you all the details of this incredible event and how it all started, from its early days to now.It also doubles as a great coffee table book with its plethora of photographs.

    5. The Cycling Chef: Recipes for Performance and Pleasure by Alan Murchison

    Any good cycler will tell you food and diet are imperative to good performance. Alan is a Michelin-starred chef who cooks for British Cycling athletes - he also happens to be a champion athlete himself. You’ll find 65 great recipes for tasty meals fit for the professionals.   

    Here are some more if you are interested from

    Happy reading and biking!