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  • Biking Love: Valentine's Day Adventures on Two Wheels

    Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and instead of sticking to the usual routine of chocolates and flowers, why not enliven the experience with a biking adventure? Whether you're celebrating on the day itself or opting for a weekend getaway when time allows, a cycling outing promises to be a fun and memorable experience. At Bike to Work Day, we're all about promoting active lifestyles and unique ways to celebrate special occasions, and cycling with your significant other fits the bill perfectly.

    One fun option is to pedal to your favorite local café and enjoy in a signature hot chocolate together. With YYC Hot Chocolate Fest running until February 29, there's no shortage of cozy spots offering warm, rich delights that are sure to make your Valentine's Day outing extra special.

    If you prefer an outdoor date, why not chase the sunset together? Pack a charcuterie-style snack, and some warm drinks and find a spot with a stunning view of the prairie sky as it paints itself in beautiful colours during dusk. The sun will set at 5:50 PM on February 14. For an extra touch of romance, consider heading to a city park where you can use a firepit to create a fire-roasted dinner or some sweet treats. Evening booking slots for firepit use in our city parks are available from 7 PM – 9 PM.

    No matter what you decide, we're sending love your way and hoping you'll seize the opportunity to enjoy some happy cycling moments together. Whether it's a leisurely ride to a café or a romantic sunset adventure, Valentine's Day on two wheels is bound to be a memory you'll cherish.

  • Join Bike to Work Day Calgary at Winter Bike Day on February 10, 2024

    Get ready for an exciting blend of winter cycling fun as we join International Winter Bike Day in collaboration with Ride Together Day! On Saturday, February 10th, from 11 am to 3 pm, swing by Two Wheel View, located above Fair’s Fair Books in Inglewood at 907-9th Ave SE.

    Why Two Wheel View Matters: At this Winter Bike Day “Hot Spot,” you'll find Bike to Work Day Calgary, alongside several other not-for-profit organizations. Two Wheel View, a longtime beneficiary of our Bike to Work Day Charity Donation, is our host for the day. For every rider joining Bike to Work Day, we donate a dollar to Two Wheel View—an organization that empowers youth by providing them with the tools they need to reach their potential. They learn bike repair skills, and through their efforts, they can earn a bike, helmet, lock, and a set of tools. Stay tuned for the Suit Pursuit event—a thrilling race before Bike to Work Day, featuring a rider from Two Wheel View.

    Bike to Work Day: A 17-Year Tradition! As Bike to Work Day marks its 17th year in 2024, it stands tall as Calgary's largest cycling-themed event. This event goes beyond a one-day celebration, challenging Calgarians to embrace biking as a daily commute and contribute to a greener future for our city. We're here at Winter Bike Day to connect with fellow cyclists and spread the word about Bike to Work Day 2024.

    Winter Bike Day: A Saturday Affair for All Ages: While Winter Bike Day has traditionally focused on bicycle commuting, in the past couple of years, it has transformed into a family affair bringing joy to the winter cycling experience to the city on a Saturday. With sixteen hotspots across the city, plan a fun route, and be sure to drop by Two Wheel View for tasty treats and insights on how you can be a part of Bike to Work Day 2024.

    Be Part of the Fun on Friday, May 3rd, 2024: Whether you're a cyclist, a potential volunteer, or interested in sponsoring our event, Bike to Work Day 2024 welcomes you! Join us on Friday, May 3rd for a day filled with cycling, community, and fun.

    See You at Two Wheel View: Come chat with us, grab some yummy treats, and gear up for an exciting winter cycling season! We can't wait to connect with you at Two Wheel View.

  • Gear Up for Giving: Top Gifts for Year-Round Cyclists

    As the holiday season approaches, the search for the perfect gift is on! For the avid cyclist in your life, whether they brave the winter chill or enjoy sunny rides year-round, thoughtful gear can make all the difference.

    1. Insulated Gloves:

    A great pair of insulated gloves is more than just an accessory – it's a winter cycling essential. Cold hands can quickly turn a ride from enjoyable to uncomfortable. Look for gloves that offer both warmth and dexterity, allowing your cyclist to handle gear shifts and brakes with ease, even in the chilliest temperatures.

    2. Enhanced Visibility Gear:

    Safety on the road is paramount, especially during darker winter months. Consider gifting a high-visibility cycling jacket or a separate visibility vest that can be added to their existing winter jacket. These additions ensure they stay visible to motorists, promoting a safer commute. Choosing gear with reflective elements adds an extra layer of safety during low-light conditions.

    3. Compact Multi-Tool for On-the-Go Repairs:

    Every cyclist knows the importance of being prepared for unexpected repairs. A compact multi-tool is a practical and thoughtful gift, allowing your cycling enthusiast to make quick adjustments or repairs on the go. Look for a tool that includes essential functions like screwdrivers, wrenches, and tire levers – a handy companion for any cyclist's journey.

    4. Winter-Specific Bike Tires:

    For the cyclist who doesn't let winter weather dictate their rides, consider winter-specific bike tires. These tires are designed to provide better traction on icy or wet surfaces, ensuring a more stable and secure ride. It's a gift that speaks to both practicality and a passion for year-round cycling.

    5. Fenders and Mudguards:

    Help your cyclist stay clean and dry during winter rides by equipping their bike with reliable fenders and mudguards. Designed to shield against slush, mud, and water splashes, these accessories not only enhance the bike's longevity but also ensure a more enjoyable ride. Look for easy-to-install options compatible with various bike types, providing comprehensive coverage and protection from the winter elements. With fenders and mudguards, your cyclist can pedal through winter landscapes without having a black line running all the way up their back!

    6. Cycling Headlights and Taillights:

    Enhance your cyclist's visibility during the darker winter evenings with powerful headlights and taillights. Opt for rechargeable or long-lasting battery-powered lights to keep their path well-lit and ensure they're noticed by others on the road.

    7. Merino Wool Base Layers:

    A cozy and moisture-wicking base layer can make a significant difference in maintaining comfort during winter rides. Merino wool offers excellent insulation while effectively managing sweat, keeping your cyclist warm without feeling overheated.

    8. Balaclava or Neck Gaiter:

    Protecting the face and neck from biting winds is crucial in winter cycling. A versatile balaclava or neck gaiter provides warmth and can be adjusted to cover various parts of the face, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit.

    9. Handlebar Mittens:

    For added warmth and protection against the cold wind, consider handlebar mittens. These attach to the handlebars and provide a cozy space for the hands, allowing your cyclist to ride comfortably in colder temperatures.

    10. Smartphone Mount:

    Help your cyclist stay connected and navigate with ease by gifting a durable smartphone mount. Whether they use GPS for navigation or want to capture moments on their ride, a secure mount is a practical and appreciated accessory.

    11. Progress Tracking App:

    For a budget-friendly gift, make a personalized gift certificate for a progress-tracking app. These apps monitor distances, ride times, and more; they are easily downloadable onto their mobile phone or another smart device. Ideal for cyclists aiming for personal records, the app adds a tech-savvy touch to their rides. It's a thoughtful way to support their fitness goals, provide motivation, and foster a sense of community by sharing milestones with fellow enthusiasts.

    As the holiday lights twinkle and the spirit of giving fills the air, there's something magical about finding the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life. Whether they're navigating snow-covered trails or enjoying the brisk winter breeze on city streets, these thoughtful gear suggestions are sure to elevate their cycling experience.

    Remember, it's not just about the item itself but the joy and thoughtfulness behind the gift. The right gear can turn a routine ride into an adventure and a chilly commute into an enjoyable memory. As you select the perfect gift, consider the unique needs and preferences of your favorite cyclist.

    Wishing you and your cycling enthusiast a season filled with warmth, safety, and the thrill of new adventures on two wheels. Happy holidays and happy cycling!

  • 3 Cycling Clubs in Calgary

    With the warmer weather coming, it is a great time to start a new outdoor activity. We obviously recommend cycling! Cycling can seem like a daunting activity to get into, plus who wants to ride alone. Lucky for you Calgary has many cycling clubs that can help you find your niche, and give you a group to ride with. Below are 3 cycling clubs in Calgary that can help you find your footing when it comes to cycling.

    Bow Cyclist Club

    Founded in 2013, Bow Cyclist Club has grown to a 250 member club with the focus of keeping the fun in cycling. Their team of ride leaders are passionate about cycling and able to accommodate many different levels of riders.

    BiciSport Cycling Club

    BiciSport was originally founded by a small group of cycling enthusiasts known as the Spokes Racing Team in 1988. In 1992, the name was changed to “BiciSport Calgary Cycling Club”. They are dedicated to promoting both a healthy lifestyle, and to supporting and promoting all levels of bicycle racing. They are a great place for junior athletes, and at the same time are keen to help all of their members reach their full potential.

    Calgary Cycling Club

    Calgary Cycling Club aims to grow the cycling community in Calgary focusing on inclusivity and connection. If you like long road rides, downhill, track, or commuting within the city this is the right group for you. They will be having all types of rides all summer long. The purpose of the group is to promote and expand the use of bicycles within and outside the city.

  • 5 Awesome Bike Trails around Calgary

    Calgary has a great reputation for its bike paths and trails around the city, in this blog we will be discussing 5 fun trails in Calgary that you definitely need to try out!

    Rotary Mattamy Greenway Bike Trail

    The Rotary/Mattamy Greenway Trail is a 145 km long pathway system that loops around the entire city. This trail connects almost 1000 km of existing pathways as well as natural areas, parks, and greenspaces.

    This bike trail is a fun way to explore most of Calgary via bike! Check out Parks Foundation’s page on the Trail and how to best navigate it.

    Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail

    The Glenmore Reservoir Bike Trail is a 15.3 km biking and hiking loop that is good for all levels of cyclists and even pets! This trail has beautiful views of the reservoir and a nice mix of flat sections and mild inclines.

    This trail is very popular and the best times to go to avoid the crowds are first thing in the morning or after dinner.

    Fish Creek Park Bike Trails

    The Fish Creek Park Bike Trails are a great way to explore South Calgary, Fish Creek’s main Cycling artery stretches 20km in length. These Trails have a scenic woodland surrounding and have access to fire pits and picnic tables if you needed a rest stop.

    Due to its woodland nature cyclists are asked to be aware of the wildlife we share the park with.

    Edworthy Park to Fort Calgary Bike Trail

    The Edworthy Park to Fort Calgary Bike Trail is a family friendly 9.3 km long ride that begins at Edworthy Street and ends at a pedestrian bridge at Fort Calgary on the Bow River’s South Bank.

    This is an easy ride that is open year round. Parking for this trail is available at both Fort Calgary and Edworthy Park.

    Bowness Park Bike Trails

    The Bowness Baker Park Loop is 4.3 km long and suitable for all levels of cyclists. The Trail features a river, and dogs are able to use this trail as long as they are kept on a leash.

    This is a quick ride, especially great if you plan on taking the family along with you!

    Calgary has so many great biking spots it was hard to choose just 5. We hope you are able to check out some of these spots.

    Happy Cycling!