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Bike to work day 20222 whos in
NEW Energy Pit Stop Locations 2022 - with bike shops
BTWD Prizes 2022

Here's how to enter for the chance to win some big prizes for participating on May 6, 2022:


-On your morning bike ride on BTWD, take a picture of you and/or your bike, of your view on your commute, something cool you see on the road, the sunrise, a screenshot of your route using an app like Strava or Map My Ride, or whatever you desire!


-Then, post it to Twitter, Instagram (post or story), or Facebook AND MAKE SURE TO TAG US (or else we will not see it, and if you are private, screenshot your story and DM us).

Twitter @biketoworkyyc

Instagram @biketoworkdayyyc

Facebook @BiketoWorkYYC


-Alternatively, you can send in your photo to on May 6th.


Only submissions on May 6, 2022 will be counted. Must be over 18 years of age and reside in the Calgary area. Winners will be randomly chosen and contacted on Monday, May 9th.



Get your bike ready for Friday, May 6th, 2022: the official Bike to Work Day in Calgary!


This year, we want to continue our 14 year tradition of hosting Calgary's Bike to Work Day. Our mission is to encourage cycling in the city to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthy lifestyle for all. 


For our 15th year, we are planning an event that is a few steps closer to normal than last year's, so that we can continue to promote cycling in a city that has some of the best pathway systems in North America. We are hopeful we can go back to full swing in 2023.

What will Bike to Work Day look like in 2022?


Due to COVID, extra satefy measures and precautions are being put in place for the event. The general format will be the following: from 6am-9am on Friday, May 6th, 2022, energy stations will be strategically placed throughout the downtown area (see image below) where cyclists are passing by can receive encouragement and support from our amazing volunteers. There will also be some giveaways!


In lieu of the Eau Claire main event, there will be another Energy Station at the Delta Garden, just south of the Peace Bridge for cyclists to receive more encouragement and giveaways. There will be no large event or gathering of any kind this year. Find the Energy Station that best suits your morning commute and look out for our volunteers. We are working hard to make this day enjoyable for everyone!


Bike to Work Day founder, Lonny Balbi, continues to pledge $1 for each cyclist to a local charity. This year, we have chosen Two Wheel View! A local charity that works to provide programs that use the bicycle as a vehicle for change in the lives of youth.


COVID-19 Rules 


We ask that participants adhere to the COVID-19 guideline in place in Alberta at the time of the event. Click here for up to date information


Bike to Work Day Calgary 2022 

Beginning to get Back to Normal!